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Medical Miracles - Toenail Fungus

Do you have a nail infection?

  • Are any of your nails discolored - white, yellow or brown?
  • Are any of your nails thick, brittle or flaky?
  • Do you experience pain in and around your nails?
  • Have you noticed the problem getting worse?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, visit our office right away.



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 · Interpore Coralline Hydroxypatite
 · Knifeless Surgery for Heel Pain
 · Toenail Fungus
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 · Diabetic Shoe Program
 · Diagnostic Ultrasound
 · Pegasus Biologics - OrthAdapt Bioimplant
 · APC - Autologous Platelet Coagulate

Digger is welcomed to visit Dr. Lefkowitz and staff but '"WATCH OUT"!

Digger tries to befriend staff

Digger seems friendly to staff

Digger scares patient! He tries to get into her nail bed to cause fungus nails

Dr. Lefkowitz gives digger the boot: no digger, no fungus!

Digger waves good-bye; he is no match for Lamisil Tablets and Dr. Lefkowitz

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