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Medical Miracles - Venous Leg Ulcers

Venous leg ulcers result from poor circulation of blood from your legs to your heart. The increased pressure of blood backing up in your leg may cause the skin to break down, forming an ulcer.

The standard treatment for venous leg ulcers has traditionally been compression therapy. Compression therapy consists of a tightly wrapped bandage that produces pressure around the ulcer and helps push blood away from the ulcer site and back up to the heart. Although it can be an effective treatment, compression therapy may take a long time to heal the ulcer and does not work for everyone.

Today, an innovative treatment called APLIGRAF may be a better answer. APLIGRAF is actual living skin that is bioengineered, grown in the laboratory from cells of neonatal (infant) foreskin. It is delivered for the doctor's use in a Petri dish ready for ulcer application. When combined with standard treatment, APLIGRAF has been shown to heal more diabetic foot ulcers faster than standard treatment alone. In fact, APLIGRAF can help heal foot ulcers that have been present for 3 weeks or longer, 2 to 3 times as fast. Ask our doctors if APLIGRAF can work for you.

Our doctors have been using APLIGRAF since 1999 and were among the first in Michigan to use this innovative technology. Since then, Dr. Lefkowtiz has lectured and taught hundreds of doctors how to use APLIGRAF properly.

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