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Medical Miracles - Interpore Coralline Hydroxypatite

What is it? In layman's translation, it's "the filling of bone cysts with sea coral" for the treatment of bone cysts and bone grafting.

Sounds like science fiction? Well, this actually makes perfect scientific sense. Viewed under an electron microscope, sea coral and human bone tissue are nearly identical. When scientists discovered this, the next step was using the ocean matter to repair damaged bones.

The process works like this: when a patient suffers from a bone cyst, the bone becomes as fragile as an eggshell. In a single operation, the cyst is drained and sea coral is used to fill the cyst and fortify the bone. The porous coral acts as a latticework, over which existing bone can crawl and grow across the gap. The end result is solid, natural bone matter. There is one limitation. Since the coral itself is not solid, it cannot be used for weight-bearing bones. Cystic long leg bones, for instance, are ineligible for the process. For spongy bones (knees, heels, ankles, etc.), sea coral is ideal and one that might revolutionize bone surgery.

Ask our doctors if Interpore Coralline Hydroxypatite can work for you.

Our doctors were among the first in the state to use Interpore for bone surgery and have been doing so since 1996. Since then, Dr. Lefkowitz has lectured on this topic across the globe!

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